Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Living Up To Apple Labels!

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Xiaomi is one of the most popular Android OEMs in the market and they are commonly perceived as the Apple of Android world.

This cannot be helped as the phones that are developed by Xiaomi are very similar to the Apple iPhones in the sense that it has great hardware-software integration and near-identical build-style.

Today, we can further confirm that Xiaomi is truly an Apple that is rebranded for the Android market and this is thanks to the newly unveiled Mi Mix 2. The sequel to the Mi Mix followed Apple’s footsteps further when it decided to ditch the audio-jack for a full wireless audio setup.

Personally, the absence of the audio jack has taken away our interest on the Mi Mix 2 but if you don’t mind the change, the phone will make a good purchase for you.

The Mi Mix 2 is powered by the Snapdragon 835 with up to 256GB of storage space to offer. It is also tipped to be significantly cheaper to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and of course, the upcoming iPhone 8.