Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Teases iPhone 7 Plus Price

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In about a week from now, Xiaomi will be pulling the curtains of the Mi Note 2 and the device promises a premium experience like no other. Like how it is with the previous Note phone, the Note 2 will come with a metal body with the best hardwares available today.

Everything about the Mi Note 2 sounds promising until we saw the leak that suggests the price of the device. As how you can see in the image embedded above, the number 5699 is quoted by many to be the price of the Mi Note 2.

It is in China’s currency and if converted to the US Dollars, you will get the figure $845. This is surprising as it would mean that the Mi Note 2 is going to be the most expansive smartphone from Xiaomi.

It is a really huge figure and one that is on the same level as the 128GB Apple iPhone 7 Plus. This is unless all of us are interpreting the leak wrongly and the figures are actually the benchmark numbers for the Mi Note 2. What do you think?