Yotaphone 3 Bottled Their Chance To Destroy Motorola

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Many have agreed that Motorola’s 2017 campaign has not been great as the new phones launched failed to leap forward on areas that matters most. The phones from Motorola are much loved for having a low price and great battery life, and the new models are not reflecting these expectations.

Because of this setback with Motorola’s new product, we can’t help but to see the brand falling further behind once Yota starts selling the Yotaphone 3. Dubbed as the Yota 3, the device is tipped to conquer the midrange market as it promises the best battery life and performance around.

Well, the Yota 3 is finally here but unfortunately the phone too has taken two steps backwards from its predecessor. Back in Yota 2, consumers are able to enjoy flagship performance for a cheap price. In Yota 3, the phone relies on Snapdragon 625 which means it is made for the midrange scene.

While the Yota 3 may be able to beat every Motorola phone with its e-Ink display, the phone lacks one core feature and it is an audio headphone jack. The absence of this commonly used feature will surely put a dent on the Yota 3’s campaign.

It is a pity really because the audio jack would be enough to push Yota 3 ahead of Motorola. Instead, Yota has bottled their chances and this may bite them back.