You Can Blame Nexus 6 Loss On Samsung & Apple

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If Google intends to be at the top of the smartphone food chain alongside Apple and Samsung, then it has to play their game. No longer can the company believe that its approach with the Nexus series is best when the iPhone and Galaxy phones prove otherwise.

The replacing of Nexus with the Pixel and Pixel XL proves that Google has learned from its past of making phones for niche power users and is now pursuing the same formula that has made Apple and Samsung so successful in the smartphone game.

By doing so, it also means that diehard fans of the Nexus series would be alienated. To them, Google has sold out. But what else can the Mountain View tech giant do – the Nexus phones are amazing but would never be able to match the iPhone in appealing to the average consumer.

Some fans would argue that the Nexus series was never meant for widespread commercial success, and they’re right. They are sold without any form of carrier support and have little in the way of marketing by Google. But even with carrier support, any given Nexus won’t be able to go far.

A perfect example is the Nexus 6, which was sold via carriers in the US but didn’t exactly achieve top-seller status. Maybe it’s because of the device’s size: numerous polls and studies reveal that only a small percentage of consumers prefer devices larger than 5.5 or 5.7 inches.

So if you’re a Nexus 6 owner who’s dissatisfied with Google for abandoning the series in favor of something a lot more generic, you can blame Apple and Samsung for having such effective recipes for success in the market.