ZTE Axon 7: The End Draws Near

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What is there not to like about the ZTE Axon 7? The smartphone can be described as the successor for the Nexus 6P that didn’t happen and this is because of the features which it has to offer.

Unlike the Nexus phones which are managed directly by Google, the Axon 7 is granted earlier access to firmware updates and even Google Daydream VR support. It is a great achievement by ZTE and it puts the brand in the major league of smartphone manufacturers.

Now that we are in 2017, we are excited to see what ZTE has in store for the world, especially after seeing the goodness with the Axon 7. Unfortunately, however, ZTE may go back to their empty-handed ways for 2017 and the future to come.

This is because of the financial trouble which ZTE is facing and the reports are claiming that the tech company is going to release 3000 employees as a result.

One of the factors that is contributing to the downfall of ZTE is the US Commerce Department. The governing body is holding off a band on exports from US companies to ZTE after finding the China-based company breaking a sales sanction placed on Iran.

While the ban is not in place, investors are not interested in funding a troubled situation and this has led to their pull out from ZTE.

Perhaps, ZTE can try a different strategy like offering one jewel of a smartphone a year to bounce back from this dark era. Either way, failing to show any signs of recovery will signal the end for ZTE.