2016 Cadillac Escalade Midnight Edition Unpredictable Outcome

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Cadillac is part of the GM Group and this means that the cars produced are poised to get treated to special edition models. When it comes to GM, the most popular of editions is the Midnight Edition. The latter basically gives a production car a darker profile where everything is painted in black.

If this is to be applied on the latest Escalade, the car might come out looking like the one in the image above. The concept image above was developed by the lads at GMAuthority and they simply replaced the chrome bits on the Escalade with black.

However, instead of giving the Escalade a black paintjob, GMAuthority finds it nicer to keep the white paint for the main body frame. This will make the Escalade Midnight Edition more unique then other Midnight Edition models from GM.

As exciting as the above looks, GM has yet to offer Midnight Edition package with the Escalade. If they are planning to do so, we are hoping for it to look like the above.