2016 Chevrolet Camaro: Can Local Achievements Go Global?

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The all-new Chevrolet Camaro is truly an amazing car. Its main selling point would be with its speed, which is rated to be even faster than the latest Ford Mustang.

As of today, sales of the Camaro are at full throttle as Chevrolet struggles to keep up with the overwhelming demand for the car. Then again, this is only for the US sales figures, not global.

An analyst revealed earlier today that he doesn’t expect the Camaro to do well on global sales. This is because of the different taxing system in various countries which can make it a lot more expansive to own the Camaro.

However, the biggest facto r of them all would be with the Camaro not being built for the RHD countries. This means that the Camaro cannot get distributed in major countries like Japan, India, UK, Australia, South Africa and any more.

When it comes to global sales, the Camaro is certainly behind and is fighting a handicapped battle. Meanwhile, Ford is already enjoying great success with the Mustang, especially in Australia.