2016 Dodge Challenger SRT: Daily Driving Is Possible If…

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The latest Dodge Challenger SRT has got 707hp to offer from the 6.2L V8 engine that it runs on and this makes it a really fast car. Many fear that because of this, the Challenger SRT is not ideal to be daily driven.

Well, there is actually nothing to fear about as long as your daily commute with the Challenger SRT is mostly on the highway with distances of at least 60 miles.

This is because the Challenger SRT is able to offer the best comfort when compared to other pony cars and its powerful engine can ensure a smooth cruise throughout the travel. The Challenger SRT comes with ample amount of space and really soft cushions to keep your commute comfortable and less tiring.

The unfortunate thing with the Challenger SRT is that it is not cost-savvy to act as a daily commuter in the city. The heavy traffic and congestions will dry up the oil reserve rapidly.