2016 Honda Civic: Is Accord’s Sales In Jeopardy?

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The all-new, tenth generation Honda Civic has been selling impressively well ever since it made its debut a couple of months ago. This cannot be helped as the Civic came out with a brand new styling and a better performance.

The problem with the new Civic is that the car might end up hurting the Accord’s sales. The Civic runs on the newly developed 1.5L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine that is packed with plenty of power to offer. On top of that, the Civic can return an average fuel economy figure of 40mpg.

On the performance front, the Civic is certainly more delightful than the Accord. The killer feature is with the Civic’s measurement that is larger than the previous-gen model. This is so that Honda can free up more cabin space inside the Civic and this will promote better comfort.

With the Civic also being very affordable to own, we find no reason to purchase the Accord at all. We are pretty sure that Honda is aware of this back when they commence the production of the Civic and we sense that the Japanese carmaker is preparing to update the Accord soon.