2016 Mercedes G-Wagon: Future Remains Bright Despite Evil Offerings!

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If there is one word that can best describe the latest Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon, it is evil. The large, rugged SUV is simply a gas guzzling, insane performer that looks old but it is still selling like hotcakes today.

In detail, the G-Wagon runs on the 4L V8 engine that is packed with a whopping 416hp. The engine is never economical and the price for the G-Wagon is not cheap. The vicious SUV has a sticker price of $119,000 and this is very steep for something crazy.

This is actually justified as the G-Wagon is a handmade, body on frame, old-school boxy looking SUV that runs on modern, overpowered Mercedes-Benz engine.

Surprisingly, sales of the G-Wagon have been impressive and consistent throughout its existence. The vehicle simply appeals to its target audience in every way possible hence we can expect the next year to be a bright one for the G-Wagon.