2016 Nissan Xterra Is The Most Shocking Car Today!

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So 2016 will be commencing tomorrow and we have taken a long pause to look back at all the vehicles that are on sale today. To our surprise, we noticed one vehicle that never really got any attention and it is the Nissan Xterra.

This is really weird and awkward for us because the Xterra is still on sale as we speak. A short research revealed that the SUV has been around for the last decade or so and it has been receiving mild updates over mild updates.

One report also shared that the Xterra is thought to have been discontinued about 4 years ago. The fact that the Xterra is still around could only mean two things. Either there are a handful of consumers that actually worship the SUV or Nissan is utilizing the vehicle to scare the consumers into buying their latest productions.

Like the Xterra from previous years, the SUV has got 261hp to offer and can return up to 22mpg in fuel economy. Prices for the Xterra starts at $23,660 and is capped at $31,640.