2017 Acura NSX Disappoints Grandpa Despite Being Faster

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The NSX is a very special name in the Honda family as it acts as the carmaker’s halo vehicle. Since its beginning, the NSX has always offered a spectacular driving experience that is fast, powerful and fun.

Today, a new NSX has emerged and it is one that looks like an alien vehicle. The exotic appearance is paired together with digital instruments and the NSX is powered by a hybrid powertrain. So, is the new NSX the dream successor for the old model?

To know for sure, DriveTribe has decided to compare both the old and new NSX to see if the newborn vehicle can live up to its nameplate. The remarks are mostly positive but when it comes to driving identity, the new NSX is very different to its predecessor.

The old NSX offers a highly engaging drive despite it not being faster than the new model. The latest NSX may be interesting but it lacks character like its grandpa. There is just little satisfaction with the new NSX. For the full details, you can check out the clip below.