2017 Acura NSX Tops BMW, Mercedes For ‘Luxury Green’ Crown

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The green luxury market is a fast growing department in the automotive industry but there are still not many choices available today. The only good thing about this is that it makes naming the best luxury green vehicle a lot easier as isn’t a long list of cars to look at.

So, which ‘luxury green’ vehicle is the best? The answer is the Acura NSX and this is why we have placed apostrophes on the word luxury on the previous sentence and the title above.

The Acura NSX runs on a hybrid powertrain but it is a viewed as a hypercar hence calling it green may not be exactly right. The NSX is also very expansive to own too but to call it luxurious may not be accurate as well.

Either way, the NSX is the winner in this department – based on the votes from Green Car Journal. The NSX outdid 30 other luxury green vehicles on the list to claim the prize and this includes the Tesla Model S P100, the BMW i8 and the Mercedes-Benz C350e.