2017 Acura NSX vs Audi R8: When Going Fast Don’t Matter

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The all-new Acura NSX and the latest Audi R8 have one thing in common – the ability to go really fast. This is why both cars are described as supercars but the love from the majority of the consumers will only be with the car that can go faster.

Well, today, we can safely say that speed is not going to be a measuring stick to find out which of the two is better. We decided to look past speed because both cars can really go fast. Finding out which is faster will not help much in convincing the real potential buyers into making a purchase.

Starting with the NSX, our tour inside and around the car found that the vehicle offers a really tech-sophisticated cabin. The inside of the car feels like you are an inside of an alien pod and are waiting to go into light speed. The NSX runs on a 3.5L twin-turbo V6 engine that works together with 3 electric motors and this allows it to sprint from 0-60mpg in 3 seconds.

We can really praise the powertrain on the NSX because it can develop plenty of power despite being small in size and having a really complex layout. The NSX’s system is just so intelligent that it is able to carefully manage the ponies to offer an insane performance.

As for the Audi R8, it adopts a timeless sporty design with an interior that is typical of a race car. While there may be a nice tinge of luxury inside the cabin, everything is pretty straightforward as the dashboard is not exaggerated with excessive gauges and technologies.

The R8 runs on a naturally aspirated V10 that can produce some of the most memorable engine roars around. The R8 is 0.1 second faster than the NSX on the 0-60mph times and this is pretty amazing for a car that sticks to a traditional naturally aspirated mill.

The difference in speed is not contrasting between the two cars hence it all comes down to personal preference. If you like a tech-savvy intelligent vehicle, then the NSX is for you. If you are the more traditional sort of driver, then the R8 will fit the bill perfectly.