2017 Chevrolet Bolt: Unfair Depreciation Hurting Potential

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The Chevrolet Bolt had just recorded its best sales month but the figures are still not enough for it to cement a strong position in the EV industry.

This cannot be helped as the upcoming Tesla Model 3 has accumulated over 300,000 deposits and this is way beyond what the Bolt has achieved thus far. If that is not bad enough, the age old Nissan Leaf has been consistent in bagging 1,000 units sold on a monthly basis.

Some would say that GM has ruined it for the Bolt after failing to launch the car on a nationwide basis. On the other hand, an analyst pointed out that the consumers are staying away from the Bolt due to extremely poor resale value.

The rate of depreciation for the Bolt is unknown at the moment but it may be very similar to the Chevrolet Volt. The hybrid car immediately depreciated by a margin of $7,500 after getting sold and this is caused by the tax rebate for green cars.

The fact that the used market is off-setting the rebates together with the depreciating value is preventing the consumers from jumping straight into adopting the Bolt.