2017 Chevrolet Volt Will Get Updated Despite Being Very New!

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The all-new generation of Chevrolet Volt is barely a month old but that won’t stop the carmaker from applying some upgrades on the vehicle.

Earlier today, Chevrolet teased that the 2017-year model Volt will have more to offer than the existing model. The vehicle will offered with the option adaptive cruise control across all trims and this will enhance the driving experience of the Volt.

If that is not good enough, Chevrolet gave confirmation that the 2017 Volt will be distributed all over the US instead of being limited at several states. This means that the Volt will soon be exposed to a bigger market and it this will bring the fight to rival Nissan Leaf and Toyota Prius.

Under the hood, everything will remain the same for the Chevrolet Volt as the vehicle continues to run on a fuel savvy hybrid powertrain. Chevrolet’s commitment to serve the best Volt with every passing year basically shows their passion in building great green cars. Wouldn’t you agree?