2017 Honda Odyssey Shows Where Chrysler Pacifica Is Lacking

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The Chrysler Pacifica is getting a lot of attention from the public and this is because of its highly attractive offerings. For a minivan, the Pacifica has got an attractive design with plenty of room to offer inside the cabin.

Even performance is not a joke for the Pacifica. Very recently ago, the Pacifica was spotted racing with a stock Toyota 86 on the drag strip and it saw the minivan creating an upset like no other.

Everything about the Pacifica sounds great but it does not guarantee a safe position on the sales front. While the Pacifica may have posted its best sales month last month, the vehicle is about to face a massive challenger that goes by the name Honda Odyssey.

Honda has confirmed that they will be launching the next-gen Odyssey in spring this year and the vehicle will have tons of exciting new things to offer. Honda has yet to offer any details on them but it is still enough to create a hype that is bigger than the Pacifica.

This cannot be helped as the Odyssey is a proven name in reliability hence the next-gen model is bound to be bulletproof. Even Consumer Reports agree when they listed the last Odyssey as one of the top ten cars that can complete 200,000 miles without any issues.

Reliability is something which Chrysler is not popular for and they will need to prove themselves with the Pacifica. If the minivan is able to avoid any major production faults after 5 years of being active in the market, we can expect the perception on Chrysler to change for good.