2017 Mazda CX-7: Bringing Koeru to Life

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Back at the last LA Auto Show, Mazda pulled the curtains off an all-new crossover concept called Koeru. The vehicle looks astonishingly great and it became a crowd puller at the motoring event.

Now, Mazda is back and they went public to confirm that the Koeru Concept will become the base model for the carmaker’s upcoming SUV. Tentatively known as the CX-7, the vehicle will be slightly smaller than the CX-5 and this is due to its coupe-like design.

Under the hood, the CX-7 will be offered with SkyActiv engines hence we can expect the best balance in power and fuel economy with the vehicle.

If the rumours are to be referred to, the CX-7 will be coming out in late next year and could also arrive with a hybrid trim. Details on the CX-7 are still scarce at the moment but we can expect more spills next year.