2017 Subaru BRZ Perceived As A Volatile Car

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We are weeks away from the official launching of the next-gen Subaru BRZ and we can’t wait to check out what the car has to offer. The only thing we know right now is that the BRZ will continue to run on the 2.L boxer engine with 205hp and 156ft-lbs of torque.

The full details of the next BRZ are not out yet but this does not stop the unforgiving internet community perceiving the car as a big failure. Even a portion of the fans are upset with the fact that the next BRZ only has 5hp more to offer than the current model.

The way we see it, we can’t judge the BRZ just yet because the car is not out yet. We are confident that the next model will be a lot better than the current BRZ, even if it does not look attractive on the specs sheet.

If you can recall, the problem with the current BRZ is with its mid-range performance. If Subaru is able to fix that, we don’t see why the next BRZ can’t return a spectacular performance. So let’s wait for the BRZ to arrive before giving the car some premature judgement.