2017 Volvo V90 Wagon Confirmed, What To Expect?

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It is very rare to come across a new wagon today hence we were shocked to see Volvo developing a wagon variant of the upcoming V90. The vehicle is going to be built on the same platform that is used to develop the V90 sedan but it will have a stretched overhang to free up more cargo room.

Now, we have received word that the V90 Wagon will be about 5.9 inches longer than the V70. With such a length, the V90 wagon will have a cargo room that is at least 575L in space. Also, like the V90 Sedan, the V90 Wagon features an identical styling. The only difference between the two is with the tail section of the V90 Wagon, which looks futuristic.

Details on the V90 Wagon are still scarce at the moment but we can expect the vehicle to run on the same engine options that will be offered on the sedan variant. Volvo is tipped to spill every bean regarding the V90 Wagon at the next Geneva Motor Show.