2018 BMW 6-Series: To Fight Porsche 911 Or Not

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If you are a fan of BMW and luxury sports coupe, then you should celebrate because the German carmaker is about to launch a new 2-door champion. Dubbed as the 6-Series Coupe, the vehicle was spotted going through some live road tests and it hints on its arrival.

From the spy shots, we noticed that the 6-Series Coupe is still preserving some of the design elements from the current 6-Series. The only noticeable difference is with the structure of the car that happens to be a little wider and lower than its 4-door sibling.

If the 6-Series Coupe do make its debut early next year, then it may just end up being that Porsche 911 competitor the rumours have been claiming it to be.

The jigsaw is now being pieced together and the spy shots made the potential outcome a lot clearer. The only way for it to trash the rumours is if the car itself ends up being the 8-Series. Only time will tell for sure.