2018 BMW M8 Can’t Roar With Grace On Idle

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After confirming on the development of the 8-Series and M8, BMW has started offloading teaser videos of their upcoming cars. The M8, in particular, gained more attention from the public and this is due to the performance which it has to offer.

BMW has said before that the M8 will be the fastest production car in their camp when released thus explaining why the majority of enthusiasts have got their eyes glued on the car.

Today, a new video on the upcoming M8 surfaced online and it allows us to hear out the roar produced by the vehicle. While the powertrain remains to be a secret, the roar suggests that the M8 will be relying on a V12 engine.

We particularly like how the high revs produced a wonderful scream that can be appreciated. When the M8 is on idle, the sound of the mill is not pleasing to the ears as there are plenty of hiccups here and there. But of course, this is just our opinion on the matter. You can check out the clip below and see what you think of it.