2018 Chevrolet Camaro Taking Drastic Measures Against Ford Mustang

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2017 has been unkind to both GM and Ford as the two brands recorded a sharp decline from the year before. Things are so bad that the forecast are suggesting on another American autonomy gloom in the near future.

Well, despite being in dark times, the Ford Mustang is still able to outsell rival Chevrolet Camaro and GM is lost for word about it. That is the case until today when GM revealed that they may have found the best solution that can allow the Camaro to beat the Mustang and this is through new pricing scheme.

The aim here is to attract more consumers in adopting a Camaro without the need of the extras. In detail, GM said that they want those that are interested in the V8 Camaro to just get the V8 Camaro without being forced to purchase any add-ons.

The finalized pricing figures are not out yet but GM is tipping the Camaro SS to retail under $37,000 and this will make it more competitively priced against the Mustang GT. Will it work out well for GM?