2018 Ford F-150 vs Jeep Pickup Truck Trackhawk: Mustang Will Come In Handy

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Performance pickup trucks are starting to look like a norm in the automotive industry, especially after seeing Ford launching the F-150 SVT Raptor and it looks like rival carmakers are attempting to outdo the speed-tuned pickup truck from Ford.

Among them is Jeep, which recently confirmed that they want to keep an open idea regarding their upcoming pickup truck. Jeep was responding to a query on whether we will be witnessing the pickup truck coming out with a Trackhawk trim like how it is happening for the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

For those who don’t know what Trackhawk is, it is a term that has the same meaning as Hellcat and it is only used by Jeep. This means that the up and coming Grand Cherokee Trackhawk will be tuned for 707hp and the same can be expected for the future pickup truck if it decides to go Trackhawk.

Seeing a pickup truck with 707hp can really take Ford’s breath away, even if they have the F-150 Raptor. The latter is far behind in terms of power count and it needs a higher end performance trim to compete with the Trackhawk.

It won’t be something difficult for Ford to pull off as they can just rely on the Mustang to bump up the power figures on the F-150 Raptor. The Mustang Shelby GT500 can pump out 624hp and having this on the F-150 will allow the pickup truck to challenge the Trackhawk pickup truck from Jeep. Do you want to see it happen?