2018 Ford Fiesta: Facing Design Backlash Like Mustang

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Later this year, Ford will be launching the next-gen Fiesta but it looks like the hype surrounding the subcompact hatchback is quickly fading away. This cannot be helped as many are not pleased with how the car is designed.

The next-gen Fiesta is made to be bigger than its predecessor – something which actually annoys the Fiesta fans. They love the Fiesta for its small and nimble measurements thus increasing the size by an inch or two will only ruin the sole concept of the Fiesta.

Then there is the problem with the design language, which makes the Fiesta looking no different from the latest Fusion. Many would actually prefer it if the Fiesta is made to look sharper than more aggressive.

While the haters may have made some interesting points, we can’t help but to disagree with their opinion. The size bump is very minimal and all it does is give the next-gen Fiesta better proportions. The design is certainly much like the Fusion but at least it is more subtle and sublime than its predecessor.

We also noticed that the Fiesta actually looks a lot better in person than in the pictures. It the dislike on the Fiesta’s design is probably because of the car not looking great in the photos. It is much like the reception for the upcoming Mustang Facelift, which happens to look great when in the flesh.