2018 Ford Focus RS Special Edition Speculation Goes Full Throttle!

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The all-new Ford Focus RS has finally crossed the Atlantic pond and it is now making its way to the customers that have ordered the vehicle. Despite the Focus RS being very new here in the US, it didn’t stop the rumours from speculating on the future special edition model of the car.

The word is that Ford is now compiling ideas on a special edition version of the Focus RS. The carmaker is considering an exclusive cosmetic package for the car. The future package is speculated to come with carbon fibre spoilers, skirting and front lower bumper.

The aim here is to turn the Focus RS into an even sportier car by enhancing its design with a kit. The best part of it all is that the Focus RS will be painted in red. The current Focus RS is being sold in blue, yellow, white and grey but not red.

Of course, rumours are still rumours and they should be taken with a grain of salt. The way we see it, red is a colour that represents extreme sportiness and not offering it with the Focus RS does sound fishy. Perhaps Ford is truly saving red for a future version of the Focus RS. What do you think?