2018 Ford Mustang: Adaptive Dampers, Manual Trans, V8 & Many More

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What defines a driver’s car? Everyone has a different opinion on this but the commonly heard requirements include manual gearbox, RWD and manual gearbox.

Well, it appears that the Ford Mustang GT ticks the basic list of requirements for a driver’s car and it has moved on to do one better by coming out with greater performance to offer.

Ford has launched a more hard-core Performance Pack Level 2 for the Mustang GT and it makes the car more exciting than it was. Dubbed as PP Level 2, the package comes together with all the goodies of Performance Pack Level 1 together with some great new features.

The list includes new 19” wheels, manual V8-only, Pilot Sports Cup 2s, chin spoiler, adaptive dampers and firmer suspension tuning. If you’re interested, you should know that the PP Level 2 will cost you $6,500 on top of the price for the Mustang GT.