2018 Ford Mustang GT Treated To New Set Of Shoes!

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One of the good things about Ford is that the company has the habit of upgrading their cars whenever an upgrade is available. The habit doesn’t look like ending anytime soon as Ford had just announced on some improvements made on the Mustang GT.

The popular sports car will get more parts being offered as a standard and for 2018, one of the upgrades will be with the tires. It was confirmed earlier today that the 2018 Mustang GT will be equipped with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tires that will greatly improve performance all-around.

This set of tires is a standard offering on the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso and the Mercedes-AMG E63 hence its application on the Mustang GT adds in an upmarket finish.

But of course, you will need to adopt the Performance Package with the Mustang GT to enjoy this offering and this translates to an additional cost of $3,995. On the bright side of things, the package will add in more goodies on the Mustang GT than just high-end tires.