2018 Ford Mustang GT350R Can’t Perform A Donut Without Crowd

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Crowd and Ford Mustangs are two variables that can’t be at the same place at the same time. Otherwise, there is a great risk of injuries and death due to the Mustang’s habit of running over on-lookers.

This is a stigma which the Mustang has to live with, no thanks to the abundance of bad drivers that have given the vehicle a bad reputation. But what surprised more is the Mustang testers, which appears to have lost their mojo when performing a donut.

A video of the upcoming 2018 Ford Mustang GT350R attempting a donut surfaced online earlier today and it saw the vehicle failing at creating a perfect circle. Could it be because there is no crowd around to motivate the Ford Mustang? The positive here is that the Mustang GT350R showed off its beautiful roar in the clip.

You can check the Mustang GT350R in the video below and tell us what you think of it