2018 Ford Mustang: When Efficiency Claims Gets Ridiculous!

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The Mustang is an iconic sports car from Ford but it is now in the centre of a fuel economy controversy. The controversy is sparked by Ford, claiming that the upcoming 2018 Mustang has received modest fuel efficiency improvements.

There is nothing wrong with that statement until Ford followed it up by saying that this is thanks to the clever styling tweaks. The engineer from Ford explained that they managed to bring up the fuel economy figures by adding a strip of duct tape over the lower gap on the grille.

With such a simple addition, the Mustang is capable of achieving 31mpg from a 4-pot mill. Furthermore, the duct tape enables the Mustang to handle better thanks to the reduced drag.

We won’t write the above as false and we only question the comments made by Ford. The statement of using a duct tape to improve the Mustang sounded like the engineers are thinking highly of themselves for something that is actually very minor.

Someone should remind Ford that the naturally aspirated V6 they once offered with the Mustang is also capable of 31mpg.