2018 Ford Shelby GT500 Driving Character May Sound Familiar!

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It is no secret that Ford is currently developing the next-gen Mustang Shelby GT500 and the car is expected to make its debut later this year. The next GT500 is expected to arrive with more power to offer than before.

While the details on the powertrain are unknown at the moment, various leaks are already suggesting that the GT500 will have a familiar driving feel. The strange thing is that the GT500’s driving character will be more like the Nissan GT-R.

The front steering spindles on the GT500 will have splines designed for CV shafts. Hence, the vehicle will be a front engine with a rear transaxle and a driveshaft that goes to the front. This is the same layout for the GT-R and it is said to help the GT500 be better optimized for power and handling.

While it all sounds exciting, the above is still based on rumours and it should be taken with a grain of salt. We can expect Ford to clarify the rumours at the LA Auto Show later this year because the event is going to be where the GT500 will get unveiled.