2018 Honda Odyssey: Stakes Raised Against Chrysler Pacifica With GM-Inspired Feature

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The latest Honda Odyssey may not be the most attractive minivan here in the US but they still offer the best value around. As it stands, the Odyssey is performing better on the sales front when compared to rival Chrysler Pacifica and Honda is hoping to extend its lead by making the Odyssey more attractive.

Honda’s idea is to offer a new infotainment system that comes with 4G LTE connectivity. The hotspot feature will be powered by AT&T and it also adds in large entertainment slate for the rear seated passengers.

The tool is aimed at maximizing comfort inside the cabin as passengers can get entertained when on a long distance journey. Such a feature has led GM to make big gains on the sales front and it is now being followed by Honda.

It is also worth noting that the Odyssey is the first vehicle from Honda to feature 4G LTE and this will surely raise the stakes for the Chrysler Pacifica.