2018 Mazda3 Facelift: New Discovery Suggests 230hp!

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We have discussed before on how Mazda can make us forget about Mazdaspeed3 by launching a high performance trim for the Mazda3 Facelift. Now, this dream looks more likely to happen after Mazda announced that they will be offering turbocharged SkyActiv engines on their future cars.

The new turbocharged SkyActiv mill made its debut on the latest Mazda CX-9 and it has been rated highly by the reviewers. Today, it was revealed that the 2.5L turbo-4 engine can fit nicely inside the Mazda3’s engine bay. This means that Mazda can offer the same powertrain on the upcoming Mazda3 Facelift.

With a turbocharger on board and also the SkyActive system, we can expect the Mazda3 Facelift to develop way more power and also return greater fuel economy. If the rumours are to be referred to, the setup will allow the Mazda3 Facelift to develop up to 230hp.

Sure, this might be about 30hp short of the last Mazdaspeed3 but we would welcome this performance makeover on the Mazda3 Facelift. Mazda has yet to officialise the above but we believe that it is likely to come true. We don’t think that it is coincidence that the CX-9 engine can fit inside the Mazda3 Facelift.