2018 Nissan 300Z Is The Ideal 370Z Successor!

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By now, most car lovers should be aware of the fact that both the 350Z and 370Z are two really old vehicles that are desperate for a successor. The rumours are already claiming that the next Z is currently being developed by Nissan and it will get released next year.

If so, then we are certainly hoping for it to be the 300Z. We call it the 300Z because it represents the 3L twin-turbo V6 engine which the Z will run on. The 3L mill is the exact same one that is being deployed to the all-new Infiniti Q50 Red Sport.

However, instead of 400hp to offer, Nissan can refine the engine even further so that it can develop 430hp. This will make the 300Z extra special and more attractive in the eyes of performance enthusiasts.

On a final note, our biggest wish is for the next Z to adopt a modern retro design like how it is with the new Fiat 124 Spider. Doing so will definitely give the 300Z some extra flair that will make it more attractive than the 370Z. What do you think?