2018 Nissan Leaf: New Shots Fired At Tesla Model 3

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Every passing day brings us closer to the release of the next-gen Nissan Leaf and we can’t wait to check out the vehicle in action. This cannot be helped as everything about the next Nissan Leaf sounds exciting and the car feels like it will be the only vehicle capable of hurting the upcoming Tesla Model 3.

Nissan has confirmed that the Leaf will have a much more appealing appearance as its design is based on the IDS Concept. Spy shots of the Leaf have confirmed that the vehicle’s structure is more edgy and the buggy headlights are finally replaced with something appealing. If the Leaf is able to replicate the design of the IDS, we will definitely see it as the prettier car when compared to the Model 3.

But of course, design is not the only front where Nissan wishes to be the Model 3. The key battle will be with the autonomous technology that will debut on the next Leaf. Known as the ProPilot system, Nissan revealed that the technology is better than Tesla’s Autopilot and it will debut together with the next Leaf.

Earlier today, Nissan released a new video which teased on the ProPilot feature and it sends a strong message to the Tesla Model 3. If you have yet to check out the clip, you can do so below.