2018 Odyssey vs Chrysler Pacifica: A Mountain For Honda To Climb

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About a week ago, Honda commenced selling the all-new 2018 Odyssey. The minivan has been upgraded to be a lot better than before and its primary intention is to prevent the newly launched Chrysler Pacifica from getting a free pass in sales.

Unfortunately for Honda, it is not going to be an easy task as the responses from the public are more positive towards the Pacifica than it is with the Odyssey. The Pacifica is receiving more love thanks to its well-balanced performance as well as extreme practicality.

If you have sat inside a Pacifica, you will agree with us when we say that the minivan is extremely spacious on the inside. Furthermore, Chrysler has nailed it by giving the Pacifica an SUV-like finish on the design which boosted the hype surrounding the vehicle.

In figures, the Pacifica is already exceeding expectations as it has racked up a total of 11,720 units sold in May last month. This is a whopping 325% increase on the sales front.

With the Pacifica looking like it is completely unaffected by the Odyssey, we can’t help but don’t see any comeback from Honda on this front.