2018 Subaru WRX STI Won’t Be Making Power Progress

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Come Q4 this year, Subaru is going to launch a brand new WRX STI and the rumors are claiming that the vehicle will have way more power to offer.

The word is that the next Subaru WRX STI will be tuned to offer 350hp from the same boxer engine it runs on so that it can match and rival the Ford Focus RS. The rumors successfully made the wait for the next WRX STI more exciting but we don’t think that the outcome will be as it is.

While 350hp may serve the WRX STI well, the car is not meant to churn out that much power. The WRX STI has always been around the 300hp region since the very beginning and it deserves to stay that way. It is only in recent times when rival vehicles are starting to leap past the WRX STI due to their own set of upgrades.

The way we see it, the WRX STI will continue to remain in the 300hp region as it is part of the car’s identity. Subaru is more likely to focus more on optimizing the power on the WRX STI.