2018 Volkswagen Golf Illustrates Front-Flipping Babies On Airbags!

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Putting an infant or a toddler on the front seat can prove to be a fatal decision if the car’s front passenger airbag is active. This is why many carmakers have placed a warning against having a kid on the front-seat.

But if you have no other options for your commute, the least you could do is disable the safety feature entirely. Volkswagen has placed the necessary guide on their Golf but the manner in which they did so can be hilarious.

Just take a look at the picture below. It basically shows a youngling doing flips in mid-air when the front passenger airbag has blown off. It is supposed to be a serious message but the illustration is as comical as real-world comics.

Do note that we have nothing against Volkswagen or the message itself. We just find the illustration a tad hilarious and something worth sharing to the world.

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