2018 Volkswagen Jetta: Can Honda Civic Keep Up?

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Yesterday, Volkswagen laid out their product plans for 2017 during their annual meeting session and it saw one interesting name being tagged to December of this year. It is a brand new Jetta and it will be one that is targeted at North America.

The Jetta is a popular sedan from Volkswagen and this is due to the performance which it has to offer. Despite its popularity, the ratings on the current Jetta has been mediocre due to a long list of cons.

Now that we know a new Jetta is coming, what can we expect of it? If the insider reports are to be referred to, the future Jetta will be following the module of the current Jetta and that is to offer more than 200hp.

Rumours are claiming that the Jetta will have 270hp and this will put it in direct competition with the Subaru WRX. The Jetta will also receive a hybrid trim to cater to those that desires for a more economical model and this will see the Jetta returning about 55mpg at best.

With such an offering, the Jetta can certainly challenge the Civic’s popularity and overtake the sedan from Honda on the sales front. Will it happen?