2019- 2020 Ram 1500 Pickup Heads Back Over Airbag Issues

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FCA will be issuing a recall for their Ram 1500 pickup truck after it was revealed that there might be an issue with the airbags,

While this has nothing to do with the exploding airbags, the airbags on the Ram 1500 and the seat belt pretensioners were reported to not be working which would put the driver and passenger if more risk in the event of an accident.

The recall will affect about 295,981 units of the Ram 1500 pickup trucks. Models that will be affected are those 2019 and 2020 model years that are said to have faulty Occupant Restraint Controllers. They further explain that the ORCs could get corrupted which would then lead to it not working.

FCA will start notifying their customers starting in July. Those affected will get their ORC reprogrammed or replaced for free.