2019 Acura ILX: Outdated Platform Is Forgivable

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Acura is fast losing sight of its direct rival, Lexus, and this should be blamed on their creations that are stuck in the shadows of the vehicles from Honda.

Take the ILX as an example. Since its beginning, the ILX has played the role of a luxurious Honda Civic. The car is technically a Civic as it is built on the same platform and share a lot of similarities with each other.

But since Honda launched the tenth-generation Civic, Acura looks lost with the ILX as the vehicle remains glued to the older platform with older driving features.

Realizing this error, Acura has made some bold changes with the 2019 ILX and it is with the price of the vehicle. The carmaker has experienced a significant price cut that helps justify its aging offering.

The best part is that the price cut does not deny the ILX from certain upgrades like LED taillights, exterior redesign, new wheels and a new infotainment system. With these changes, it makes the ILX outdated offering feel easy to forgive.