2019 Apple iPhone To Get Triple Camera and USB-C

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A triple camera might not be something that is common in the IOS world but it is becoming more and more common on Android smartphone so it made sense that Apple would eventually work to release a device with three rear cameras as well.

According to Bloomberg, the 2019 Apple iPhone will be fitted with the next-gen A series chip along with a triple-lens camera system although not all models will be getting it. It seems that only the iPhone XS Max successor will get it along with a big focus 3D capabilities. There will also be a laser scanner that can scan up to 15ft away.

It was added that the third lens on the camera system will be able to capture a larger field of view. On top of that, it is said that the smartphones will also come with the USB-C port which made sense since we are already seeing it on the Macs and Apple iPad Pro.

As for the iOS 13, it is said that it will feature a new dark mode. Sounds familiar?