2019 Audi A8 Still Has Space To Grow

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The current Audi A8 can be had with a huge $80,000 price tag which is already pretty high but Audi is looking to take things a little further as they confirm that a super-luxury version of the Audi A8 is in the works.

According to Audi, they are ready to work on an Audi A8 that is “especially luxurious and prestigious and they confirm that this new top of the range model will be given the Horch name. Rumors about Audi working on something like that has been going around since it was revealed that they filed for the name Horch.

While the vehicle will be getting a few more luxury features, Audi confirms that it will be keeping the current engine. As exciting as this sound, they also did not mention when they plan to offer the new Audi A8 Horch but when it does arrive, it will be coming to take on some luxury models like the Mercedes Maybach models.

Audi also talked about their next Audi A8 which could come as an all-electric model but it is still too early to start talking about that right now.