2019 Audi E-Tron: Where Art Thou?

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The past year or so have been all about EV expansion for Audi but the carmaker is still pending to have anything for show. Audi has spoken highly of their halo EV, the E-Tron, but the lack of updates on the car has placed the hype in a dark corner.

Well, that is no longer the case as Audi has finally offered a specific date for the E-Tron’s official unveiling. The carmaker revealed in their press conference earlier today that they will pull the curtains off the E-Tron on September 17 this year.

Once the unveiling has been made, Audi will commence taking in pre-orders for the E-Tron hence we can assume that the car will be making its official sales debut before the year ends.

The E-Tron promises to be the most tech-advanced car when released and it will have the built of a trendy SUV. The biggest thing we know about the E-Tron thus far is that the vehicle will be able to achieve 80% of electrical charge in an amazing time of 30 minutes.