2019 BMW 3-Series Confirms Love-Hate Affair With US Drivers

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It is official. BMW has pulled the wrappers off the next-gen 3-Series and it was met with a huge positive feedback from the public. But if you are a driving enthusiast living here in the US and you’ve read the latest reveal for BMW, you may have a different stance towards the 3-Series.

This is because BMW had just confirmed that they won’t be selling the 3-Series with a manual gearbox here in the US. It is unlike Europe where every consumer will get access to a 3-Series with a traditional stick shifter.

It’s a pretty strange decision from BMW and it gets more confusing when you realized that the carmaker praised the US market for being their biggest manual buyer. BMW made that remark earlier this year and they have contradicted it by not offering manuals in the US.

Perhaps, there is a bigger plan in motion for the US-bound 3-Series which many are not aware of. If you are to look at recent new car trends, they tend to get manual a year or two after debuting in the US in a move to boost sales. Could it be the same for the 3-Series?