2019 BMW 3-Series Will Feature Chinese-Only Flavour

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If car variants are viewed like flavours at your local candy store, we can perhaps refer to long-wheelbase as the China flavour. This is due to LWB being really popular in China as it offers a status symbol that is well above the common folk.

BMW is well aware of the trend in China and they also know that the country is also a gold mine for profits. With that being said, it came to no one’s surprise that the newly-unveiled, next-gen BMW 3-Series will debut together with the LWB variant.

And as expected, the 3-Series LWB will be exclusively sold in China. The car will come with some added luxuries to complement the boosted leg room inside the cabin and this was highlighted in the spy shot on the vehicle.

BMW has yet to officialise the 3-Series LWB and we can look forward to that happening later this month. Meanwhile, we have left the spy photo of the 3-Series LWB below for your viewing.

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