2019 BMW i8 Is Still Uninterested In Tesla Model S

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Remember back when BMW launched the i8? The car caught the attention of the world as it boasts a stunning design and an exciting green performance.

The only unfortunate thing here is that the i8 can’t perform better than the Tesla Model S P90D and many view this as a huge miss. After all, the i8 already boast killer looks but it won’t matter since the car can’t beat rivals on the track.

The disappointed folks have since been crying for a power upgrade with the i8 but that is not happening at all. Instead of complying with demand, BMW has announced that their focus with the 2019 i8 is to offer greater electrical driving range.

The current model can do 23 miles at best hence we can expect the upgrade to double this figure. The only sad part here is that the range boost implies zero interest for the i8 to challenge the P100D.