2019 Chevrolet Silverado: Removing Strain Concerns On 4-Cylinder Setup

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GM has confirmed that the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado will be offered with a new entry-level powertrain and it will be one that comes with only 4-cylinders.

This has caused a great amount a worry for pickup truck fans as they don’t think a 4-pot setup is compatible or good enough for a heavyweight full-size pickup truck.

GM is well aware of the negativity surrounding the 4-cylinder engine and they have since revealed that there won’t be any performance strains with the new mill on the Silverado. This is owed to the large capacity setup of the mill.

The carmaker purposely chose an engine capacity of 2.7L and this will help remove any concerns for a performance strain. But on the other hand, GM never really offered a good explanation on why they opted for a 4-pot setup with the Silverado.

The obvious says that the move is meant to appease the downsizing movement. Even if this is true, we don’t see how there is going to be a significant fuel economy improvement if the 4-cylinder mill is larger than usual. May as well settle for a new V6 right?