2019 Chevrolet Trax: This Has To Be It!

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The exodus of compact cars and sedans are happening in the US as we speak and it is not just Ford that is drastically converting its line-up to crossovers and SUVs. GM too is walking down the same path as they have confirmed on the axing of several hatchbacks as well as sedans.

Among them is the subcompact hatchback, the Sonic. The void left by the Sonic will be filled by the next-gen Chevrolet Trax hence you can expect a big upgrade over the existing compact crossover.

While the details are not out yet, the Trax is expected to be built from the ground-up for the long run. The only thing we can predict right now is the design of the Trax – something that will go in-line with Chevrolet’s current design language.

An independent artist has been studying Chevrolet’s styling extensively thus leading him to create the rendering above. The picture looks too real that we were actually fooled into thinking it is the official thing. The next-gen model is likely to have a design similar to the above as we don’t see any other way around it.