2019 Corvette C8 May Seek Out Electric Performance Boost

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Electrification in the automotive industry is no longer seen as a taboo and many carmakers are rushing to expand their fleet with EV cars. Even performance vehicles are opening up to the idea of a high-output EV powertrain and the latest to show that interest is the Corvette C8.

While not official, a spokesperson from Chevrolet teased that the entire firm is now brainstorming on a powertrain that can be adopted by the Corvette so that it can compete with the future Ford Mustang Hybrid.

This was followed by a new wave of rumours which are claiming that the hybrid makeover will be applied to the unreleased, mid-engine Corvette C8. Rumours should be taken with a grain of salt but this particular claim provided a photo evidence of it. If you have yet to see it, the leak image saw the shell of a mid-engine Corvette in a battery lab from GM.

The battery lab is where EV and hybrids are researched and produced by GM and seeing the Corvette there strongly suggests that the carmaker is interested in picking up a high-output green powertrain. Only time will tell on how accurate the rumour is.